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Speak to Strahad Farsan in Ratchet.

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Warlock trainers in the major cities refer you to Strahad Farsan in Ratchet when you hit level 40. He is still residing in his tower overlooking Ratchet in the Barrens - perhaps you remember him? He will ask you to talk with him again and you will receive the ability (for free!) to summon a level 40 mount, the Felsteed.

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At level 40 all warlocks can complete this quest for a free mount. Like paladins' warhorses and unlike purchased mounts, felsteeds are summoned in a spell process requiring mana. One benefit is a warlock does not need to carry around an item to call their mount. The difficulty the NPC mentions - the ability to summon a Felsteed will be much more difficult in the future - refers to the epic Dreadsteed mount that warlocks can learn to summon at level 60.

The spell is now taught - like any other normal Warlock spell - by a Warlock trainer, situated in major cities.

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The minutia of the quest differs depending on which warlock trainer you received the quest from.

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