This quest starts the Strange Alliance quest chain.


Gain a Friendly reputation with the Gelkis, then speak with Uthek the Wise.


We are fortunate the centaur clans fight among themselves, for if they joined into a single force then they would be unstoppable. Yes, we are fortunate, and we should press our advantage.
One of the centaur clans, the Gelkis clan, is in brutal war with the Magram clan. If we attack the Magram, then perhaps an alliance may be struck with the Gelkis.

Speak with Uthek the Wise, in the outskirts of the Gelkis camps in southwestern Desolace. Through her we might strike an alliance with the Gelkis.


Your name is whispered among the Gelkis.  You have much Magram blood on your hands. This is good.

Maybe it is also good if we speak. Speak of what you can do for the Gelkis, and what we can do for you.


Upon completion of this quest you will gain:

  • 2050 XP (or 12s 60c at level 70)

Patch changes

  • World of Warcraft Patch 1.7.0 (13-Sep-2005): Completing the initial Magram or Gelkis quest in Desolace now gives appropriate positive and negative reputation gains.

Quest Progression

  1. A [35] Strange Alliance / H [33] Gelkis Alliance
  2. N [32] Raid on the Kolkar
  3. N [35] Stealing Supplies
  4. N [37] Ongeku
  5. N [37] Khan Jehn
  6. N [42] Khan Hratha

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