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Escort Neutral 15 "Stinky" Ignatz, then speak with Neutral 15 Mebok Mizzyrix in Ratchet.

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Great, finally something that doesn't want to eat me!!

I need help handling the critters around here, and you fit the mold, <buddy/lady>.

A goblin from Ratchet named Mebok Mizzyrix needs some bogbean leaves for a potion, or something... I honestly don't care why -- his money was good and I know this swamp, so here I am.

Too bad I got myself surrounded before I found the bogbean! Can you help me out of here, and watch my back as I look for Mebok's plant?

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The quest involves escorting Stinky as he picks Bogbean Leaves, and then visiting Mebok Mizzyrix in Ratchet once he is finished.

You can find Stinky at [45, 17]
. He wanders around the swamp a bit until he finds the Bogbean Leaves. There aren't any ambushes, but there will be some mobs in the area unless you've already killed them. He gets onto a road at [49, 25]
and the quest is completed. Then head over to [62, 37]
in The Barrens to turn-in.

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Stinky was here with the herbs I ask of him, and he told me you helped him out of a bind. Good work! A friend of Stinky's is a friend of mine!

He asked me to give you this if I ever saw you, right before he walked back south toward the marsh.

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