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I'm so happy Jubjub is no longer lost.  She loves Dark Iron ale so much that when I ran out... she ran away to find more! Now that Jubjub's back, I want as much ale as I can get!  I won't want her to run away again! Do you have any Dark Iron Ale?  If you do, then I'll trade you one of Jubjub's frog eggs for a mug...

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You receive
Inv egg 03

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Thank you, <name>.  Here is your egg!  It won't be ready to hatch for a little while, but when it does you'll have a great pet!

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Upon completion of this quest you will gain:

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  • How to do it (as of Patch 4.3.0 or later on Darkmoon Island):
    • In order to receive this quest, you must first purchase at least 2 [Dark Iron Ale Mugs] (3 to 5 should do). The Dark Iron Ale Mugs can be purchased from Plugger Spazzring, the bartender of the Grim Guzzler in Blackrock Depths who walks along the bar on the upper level. They are also available on a table near Plugger, but looting them will make him hostile (and hence no longer a vendor). So buy what he has before stealing them from the tables. Plugger usually has 10 for sale. If you do this quest with a party, you'll need at least one mug (around 3 is recommended) for the party and one for each participant. The fastest way to get to the Grim Guzzler is to ask for a portal from someone who has [Direbrew's Remote].
    • Once you have obtained the mugs, go find Jubjub in the forest behind IconSmall Orc Female Morja at the Darkmoon Faire near the fire the Darkmoon questgiver for the [First Aid] repeatable quest (and a few other professions). Jubjub will slowly jump towards the mug and drink it when it gets next to it.
    • Right click a [Dark Iron Ale Mug] and place the mug somewhere between Jubjub and Morja (the exact distance is hard to estimate on the first try). This should move Jubjub closer to Morja.
    • Right click another Dark Iron Ale Mug and place the mug somewhere between Jubjub, but much closer Morja.
    • If the most recent mug is at or near Morja's feet in a few seconds, her pet frog Jubjub will return to her to lap up the ale and you'll be able to obtain the quest/reward. Note that the beer on the ground stays active for a minute or two allowing multiple characters to turn in a beer to get the reward.
  • If a party member already has a Jubling pet, be sure that it's dismissed. Otherwise it will lap up the ale used for bait before Jubjub comes to Morja and the bait mug will be wasted.
  • The [Unhatched Jubling Egg] has a 7 day cooldown before it "hatches" to give you [A Jubling's Tiny Home] (the actual companion summoning item).

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