Souvenirs of Death is a quest that you complete during the course of the Battle of Hillsbrad quest chain. You must complete the first quest of that chain in order to get this quest.

Objectives Edit

Deathguard Samsa of Tarren Mill wants 30 Hillsbrad Human Skulls.

You will need:

Details Edit

The skulls drop off any human mob in the Hillsbrad Foothills, including Syndicate mobs but excluding Southshore guards and NPCs.

Description Edit

I hear you were enlisted by Darthalia to wage war on the humans of Hillsbrad. So jealous I am. . .

While you're off having all the fun -- slaying humans, pillaging the town, terrorizing innocent people -- I am stuck standing guard here in Tarren Mill.

Perhaps you'll take pity on an old Deathguard like myself? You see I am collecting human skulls. And you will be fighting humans for quite some time. Over the course of your long battle, bring me 30 skulls and I will make it worth your while.

Reward Edit

You will receive:

Inv belt 12

Progress Edit

So the lucky <name> returns? How many humans have you slaughtered today? Hundreds I do hope!

Have you any skulls for me?

Completion Edit

Precious skulls! So beautiful! I owe you as promised, <name>!

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