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== Rewards ==
== Rewards ==
* [[Gnome Engineer]] specialization
* [[Gnome Engineer]] specialization
* {{loot|commmon|Gnome Engineer Membership Card}}
* {{loot|common|Gnome Engineer Membership Card}}
* 3150 [[XP]]
* 3150 [[XP]]

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This is the final quest of the series needed for Engineers (of either faction) to specialize in Gnome Engineering.


Oglethorpe (Neutral) version:

to Oglethorpe Obnoticus in Booty Bay.

Tinkmaster (Alliance) version:

to Tinkmaster Overspark in Ironforge.

Quest Text

As your mentor, I want some samples of your work. You're a skilled engineer; there is no question of this, <name>. What I hope to do though is to analyze your work for ways to emphasize gnome-oriented techniques in your future efforts. I need the following samples: six mithril tubes, an accurate scope, and two advanced target dummies.

Submit these items to me and I will issue you your own [Gnome Engineer Membership Card]; it is required for access to all gnome engineering trainers!


Once I receive your crafted engineering items for my review, I will hand you a genuine Gnome Engineer Membership Card! So long as the card is valid, you will have unlimited access to any gnome engineer trainer anywhere in the world.


Here is your first Gnome Engineer Membership Card!

This card has its dues paid for in advance for fourteen days; all cards expire after two weeks of activity. When it does, pay your next set of dues to any gnome engineer trainer in order to get another card; without the card, your membership will temporarily lapse and you cannot access new schemata.

This never affects what you already know; once a gnome engineer, always a gnome engineer.



As the quest text says, the Gnome Engineer Membership Card is valid for 14 days played, not 14 calendar days.

Quest progression

This is part of the series of quests needed to complete Gnome Engineering specialization. Please see that page for more details.

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