Prerequisites Edit

You must complete the quest Quest:Finish the Shipment, acquired from Timothy Jones in Dalaran before you can complete any Jewelcrafting daily quest.

Objectives Edit

Combine a Scourge Curio, a Sun Crystal and a Shadow Crystal to craft a Shifting Sun Curio and bring it to Timothy Jones in Dalaran.

Description Edit

A wealthy shipping concern has requested a collection of Shifting Sun Curios to sell at Undermine. If you can bring me one, I can reward you with a Dalaran Jewelcrafter's Token.

Progress Edit

Do you have a Scourge Curio for my Undermine shipment?

Completion Edit

Here is your Dalaran Jewelcrafter's Token as promised. Come back tomorrow and I am sure I will have another item I need from you!

Rewards Edit

You will receive: 6Gold 50Silver
Inv misc gem variety 01
[Dalaran Jewelcrafter's Token]

Gains Edit

Notes Edit

The closest Scourge dropping a Scourge Curio is the Wastes Digger, a level 72-73 Undead, located at Dragon Wastes[56.0, 27.0]
in Northern Dragonblight.

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