Shaman Training is the draenei shaman quest in which players are introduced to the training system.

How to Get This Quest Edit

At the Crash Site in Ammen Vale on Azuremyst Isle, talk to Firmanvaar the shaman trainer.

Details Edit

Just talking to him and agreeing to train completes this quest. Don't forget to train your first skills after you complete it.

Description Edit

I am Firmanvaar and you are wise to seek me out. It is my calling to provide instruction to shaman, especially those who are just beginning to learn.

Shamanism is only now being relearned amongst the <race>, <name>. You are brave to follow its path as it is not popular amongst your kind.

I will be here when you feel you are ready for further training.


Upon completion of this quest you will gain:

  • 85 XP (or 60Copper at level 70)

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