Speak with Mountaineer Thalos.


I was planning on sending my apprentice to my brother Senir with my report, but I would feel much better were it placed in more... reliable hands. That is, of course, if you wouldn't mind?

Hmm... you'll have to take the tunnel to get to Kharanos.

Speak with Mountaineer Thalos before going through the tunnel. It's completely infested with troggs now.

Follow the road back to Anvilmar, then keep heading east to the tunnel, Thalos is stationed nearby.


Hail! Have a care, <name>, the tunnel to Dun Morogh is infested with troggs and is not safe for travel.

If you haven't any pressing business in Dun Morogh, I'll have to ask you to remain in Anvilmar until the tunnel is safer.


Hm, well, if Whitebeard is sending you to Dun Morogh on important business, I can't very well stop you, can I?

At least let me provide you with some advice and directions.


Upon completion of this quest you will gain:

Quest progression

  1. Alliance 15 [4] The Troll Cave
  2. Alliance 15 [5] The Stolen Journal
  3. Alliance 15 [5] Senir's Observations
  4. Alliance 15 [5] Senir's Observations

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