Moxie Steelgrille at Beezil's Wreck wants you to recover 8 pieces of [Zeppelin Cargo].

  • Zeppelin Cargo 0/8


This zeppelin was carrying six months' worth of supplies to us at Mudsprocket! Sure, they've been able to barter for some of what they need, but they won't hold out forever.

I've been sent here to recover what I can of the cargo, but the wreckage is scattered all over the marsh in this area. I'm sure a lot of cargo didn't survive the crash, but are you willing to help me recover what we can?


<Moxie looks frantic with worry.>

Did the cargo survive? Did you find any of it?


Wow you certainly found a lot more than I expected would be out there. I'm not sure how much Drazzit thought we were going to find out here, but he's going to have to be happy with this for now.


You will receive 45Silver

Quest progressionEdit

  1. Neutral 15 [39] Secure the Cargo!
  2. Neutral 15 [39] Delivery for Drazzit


Interestingly, there are three boxes that look certainly like Zeppelin Cargo near Tabetha's Farm, however they cannot be gathered.

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