Deliver the Flesh-bound Tome to Cavalier Durkon at Wintergarde Keep in Dragonblight.


Scrawled across the flesh-bound chapters of this tome are strange symbols that seem to have been scraped into the pages with a blade. You have no idea what is written, but you are certain that whatever it is, it must be important.

Deliver the tome to Cavalier Durkon standing guard topside at Wintergarde Crypt.


A Scourge tome?


Whatever information is held in this book must be of great importance! I could hear the howls and wails echoing through the crypt as you made your escape!

The High Commander must be notified!


Upon picking up the book:

Shadow of Thel'zan the Duskbringer says: Where do you think you're going with that, mortal? Put the tome down and I might spare you an eternity of anguish.

As soon as you pick up the quest, run! More mobs will spawn until you clear the buff "Call of the Duskbringer" by getting outside of the crypt. Some select quotes:

Mindless Ghoul says: Join us...
Mindless Ghoul says: Give... me... book...

Reaching topside:

<name> says: Thel'zan's enchantment is broken! I am safe!


<name> says: The curse is lifted!

Quest progression

  1. Alliance 15 [72] The Lost Courier (optional, starts in Borean Tundra, leads to Stars' Rest)
  2. Alliance 15 [72] Of Traitors and Treason (Stars' Rest or Howling Fjord)
  3. Alliance 15 [72] High Commander Halford Wyrmbane (Stars' Rest or Howling Fjord)
  4. Alliance 15 [72] Naxxramas and the Fall of Wintergarde
  5. Alliance 15 [72] Flight of the Wintergarde Defender
  6. Alliance 15 [72] Return to the High Commander
  7. Alliance 15 [72] Rescue from Town Square & Alliance 15 [72] The Fate of the Dead
  8. Alliance 15 [72] Find Durkon!
  9. Alliance 15 [72] The Noble's Crypt
  10. Alliance 15 [73] Secrets of the Scourge
  11. Alliance 15 [73] Mystery of the Tome
  12. Alliance 15 [73] Understanding the Language of Death
  13. Alliance 15 [73] A Righteous Sermon

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