The Forsaken inhabiting Deathknell are in need of supplies. Your job is to scour the part of Deathknell occupied by the Scourge and scavenge for supplies.


Search Deathknell and the vicinity for 6 pieces of Scavenged Goods, and return them to Deathguard Saltain.


You there! If you're looking for something to make yourself useful, then listen up!

We need fresh out-of-the-ground recruits to head into Deathknell and search for any sort of useful equipment. Most likely, they'll be in stacks of boxes. We expect more recruits to be rising soon, and unless we want them to stumble about naked we had better get to scavenging!

Well get to work, you miserable bag of bones! I'm not going to reward those without some hustle.


Have you managed to scavenge up some useful items for us? There is no shame in reusing that which has been tossed aside. No one is going to give us any handouts - we Forsaken will fend for ourselves!


Great work <name>. I knew you weren't useless. Here - have one of the better items I've found out of the lots that have been collected so far.


You may choose one of the following:
Inv belt 03
Inv bracer 07
Inv misc cape 11


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