Rescue Krennan Aranas.


All these years after the war and Crowley and was still hiding enough firepower in that cellar to level half the district.

It might have to come to that, unfortunately.

We can't open fire just yet, there is a civilian trapped on the other side of the prison.

Not just any civilian, either. Krennan Aranas is one of the most brilliant alchemists this world has known.

One of his potions saved my daughter, Tess, from dying soon after being born.

Take my horse and rescue him. Krennan must live.


The king must be mad. Risking all our lives for just one lousy alchemist. Regardless, orders are orders.


Well done, <name>. We'll make sure Krennan makes it out of the city alive.


You will receive:


Accepting the quest puts the player on Greymane's mount. It will automatically start running to the other side of the district. The mount will jump, then land underneath a tree where Krennan is hanging. Once the horse stops moving, use the horse's ability, Rescue Krennan, to pick him up. The horse will then automatically sprint back to safety. Completing the quest starts phase 5.

Reaching Krennan:

Rescue Krennan Aranas by using your vehicle's ability.
Krennan Aranas yells: Help! Up here!

Clearing the barricade:

Krennan Aranas says: Thank you! I owe you my life.

On complete:

Lord Godfrey yells: We've got Aranas! Fire at will!

Quest progression

  1. Alliance 15 [1] Lockdown!
  2. Alliance 15 [2] Something's Amiss
  3. Alliance 15 [2] All Hell Breaks Loose / Alliance 15 [2] Evacuate the Merchant Square / Alliance 15 [2] Salvage the Supplies
  4. Alliance 15 [3] Royal Orders
  5. Class quests
  6. Alliance 15 [3] Safety in Numbers
  7. Alliance 15 [4] The Rebel Lord's Arsenal
  8. Alliance 15 [4] From the Shadows
  9. Alliance 15 [4] Message to Greymane
  10. Alliance 15 [4] Save Krennan Aranas
  11. Alliance 15 [4] Time to Regroup
  12. Alliance 15 [5] Sacrifices
  13. Alliance 15 [5] By Blood and Ash
  14. Alliance 15 [5] Never Surrender, Sometimes Retreat
  15. Alliance 15 [5] Last Stand

Patch history

Cataclysm-Logo-Small Patch 4.0.3a (2010-11-23): Added

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