Access the control console[52, 12]
at the Venture Company research site.


75-750 XP


The Venture Company set up a small research facility far to the north of here, southwest of the Sludge Fen. I don't know very much about what they're doing, but did manage to discover that they're experimenting with something called a "samophlange".

Now what the heck is a samophlange? Well, whatever it is, I want to examine it, so I need someone to go get it.

I obtained a copy of their control system operating manual, you should be able to figure out how to disengage the samophlange from it.


A variety of buttons, levers and blinking lights are somewhat erratically arrayed on the face of the control console. A small gauge indicates that the apparatus is currently operating within optimal levels, and indicates that control valves one through three are currently open. There is a small keyhole set into the lower right side of the control panel.


Ensure that you have 1 slot open when you start the quest (to get the Control Console Operating Manual) and one when you complete the quest (to get the samophlange itself).

You get the [Control Console Operating Manual] with flavor text "Venture Co. Document 534x9" provides the following information:

The samophlange control console can be used to automatically regulate the flow of fuels, gases, liquids, and related machinery. Once initial configuration has been completed, it should run worry free with minor maintenance
Brief listing of control console components (from left to right)
I. Main Power Lever
The engaged position enables the samophlange. The control mechanism will not automatically disengage when the lever is put in the off position. This will merely begin the cooldown process, at which point it will take roughly one to two minutes (depending on the situation) to turn off.
IMPORTANT NOTE: The main power lever can only be manipulated when the three control valves on the actual machinery have been disengaged. These valves can be shut off in any order.
The first is the MAIN CONTROL VALVE, which can be found at the back of the large, vertical smokestack. Next, the FUEL CONTROL VALVE can be found on the large pipe which leads from the fuel tanks (there should be three of them) to the smokestack. Finally, the REGULATOR VALVE can be found on the lower of the two large, cylindrical tanks that flow into the smokestack.
II. Fuel Gauges.
Displays the current pressure in the primary, secondary and tertiary fuel tanks.
III. Flow Gauge
Displays the current rate of flow within the system.
IV. Flow Controls
Increase or decrease the flow rates. This is automatically controlled by the samophlange control mechanism.
V. Displays the operating temperature of the system in general.

This must be returned at the end of the quest.

Quest Progression

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