This is the first class quest you will undertake as a shaman. It's purpose is to introduce you to your class trainer.


You must complete the quest Horde 15 [2] Cutting Teeth before you can access this one. Additionally, this quest is limited to trolls only.


Speak to Shikrik in the Valley of Trials.


Ah, while you were gone a tablet came for you, <name>.

Read it when you have time. If I'm not mistaken, it came from the shaman trainer Shikrik. She would have words with you when you're ready.


Shikrik is located just outside the entrance to the Den, to the right.


Ah, welcome, <name>. I'm pleased you have arrived. My days have become long and even busy what with so many students to teach, but the coming of one of your ilk brings me a great sense of accomplishment--I remember the days when I was taught by one of your shamans.

Required items:


As you probably know, the elements give us our power. Fire, earth, water and air--these are our tools.

Our strength comes from the spirits of our ancestors. We are the leaders of our people. Like Thrall is to the Horde, so shall we be to the villages and towns we visit. They will look to us for wisdom and protection. To be better prepared, you must train often. When you feel you've gained more power, come to me and I shall teach you what I can.

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Here are the shaman starting quests for the other Horde races:

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