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Ring of Trials: Crushmaul is part of a chain of quests which pits players against a series of arena gladiators at the Ring of Trials in Nagrand, on the alternate-timeline Draenor. This particular quest has players battling a boar-riding Ogre named Crushmaul.



So you want to fight in the Ring of Trials do you? It's your funeral, bub!

Your first fight is against an exceptionally large and angry ogre named Crushmaul. That's not all though, you'll have to take out his armored boar companion too; Crushmaul never goes into the ring without him!

I hope your affairs are in order, because the last gladiator that fought Crushmaul went home in a body bag...

I'm counting on you! Get your ass inside the arena and speak with my associate Guzrug to start the fight!


Whoa! I couldn't tell if that was Porkchop squealing in there or if you had Crushmaul crying like a little baby!

You've got talent, kid!

Here's your cut of the profit, but why stop there? Together we can make a mountain of gold!


Upon completion of this quest, players receive

Quest progression

1. Both 15 [98] Bread and Circuses
2. Both 15 [98] Ring of Trials: Crushmaul
3. Both 15 [98] Ring of Trials: Raketalon
4. Both 15 [98] Ring of Trials: Hol'yelaa
5. Both 15 [98] Ring of Trials: Captain Boomspark
6. Both 15 [98] Ring of Trials: Roakk the Zealot



Patch changes

Warlords-Logo-Small Patch 6.0.2 (14-October-2014): Added.

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