Starts at The Crossroads from Thork and ends with Kadrak in the tower on the Ashenvale border.


Report to Kadrak at the watch tower in northern Barrens.


Have you ever been to Ashenvale, to the north? The horde has recently set up an outpost on the Zoram Strand there, and we can always use some new recruits to help defend our new fronts.

If you think you are up to it, see Kadrak in the northern Barrens, at the watch tower. He is heading up the Ashenvale campaign and can give you further orders.


Ashenvale is a divided land, but our most recent efforts have been very successful. We not only have an outpost at the Zoram Strand, but another just north of here called Splintertree.


  • 15-150 XP

Quest Progression

  1. One of:
  2. Horde 15 [19] The Warsong Reports

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