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Bring your four totems to Gotura Fourwinds in Orgrimmar.

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You have progressed far in your training, <name>. Now that you have mastered the four basic elements, you must strive to keep all four in balance. There is a practical benefit to this discipline - with practice, you may carry only a single relic instead of all four totems.

Speak to Gotura Fourwinds at the Valley of Wisdom in Orgrimmar, and hone your mastery of the elements.

Rewards Edit

You will receive:
Inv relics totemofrebirth
[Totem of the Earthen Ring]

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Hmmm, what brings you to seek the aid of the Earthen Ring?

Completion Edit

Ah, you've mastered the four totems. You should be proud of your accomplishments so far, young <race>, but this is only the beginning of your journey.

Here, accept this gift from the Earthen Ring. Carry this relic with you and you will have the power of all four elements at your command.

Continue your training, friend. Grave challenges are ahead for this world - I can hear it in the wind and feel it in the rumblings of the earth. We must be prepared for the worst.

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