This repeatable quest allows players to gain reputation with the entire Steamwheedle Cartel.

Objectives Edit

Collect 6 Water Elemental Cores from the Sea Elementals and Sea Sprays along the Forgotten Coast of Feralas, and bring them back to Zorbin Fandazzle who is near the dock there.

Details Edit

Water Elemental Cores drop from the water elementals along the western coast of Feralas.

Description Edit

More work, you say? Did my heroic mission of collecting bits of goo found inside elemental beings not slake your thirst for adventure? Perhaps more of the same will vainly try to fill the bottomless well of questing you possess...

OK, melodrama aside, I do need more water elemental cores. I'm trying desperately to set up shop here, so the rewards won't be as great... but I promise you I'll tell everyone in earshot how you've helped me. Trust me on this - I know people in the Cartel!

Reward Edit

First time doneEdit

  • 21Silver

Subsequent completionEdit


This quest does not progress any achievement such as Money achievement Loremaster of Kalimdor, the Quests completed, or the Daily Quests completed.

Progress Edit

Have you managed to find the elemental cores I need?

Completion Edit

Top notch, <name>, top notch! While the coin I give you might not be the most you'll ever receive for such work, rest assured my comrades in the Steamwheedle Cartel will hear about your efforts!

If you are looking for anything else to do, then let me know. I can always use more elemental cores and such.

Quest ProgressionEdit

  1. Fuel for the Zapping
  2. Refuel for the Zapping

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