Kill 12 Rattlecage Skeletons, and then return to Shadow Priest Sarvis in Deathknell when you are done.


You've shown your potential to the Forsaken under normal circumstances <name> - now let's see you under pressure.

The Rattlecage skeletons, more mindless minions of the Lich King, are a tougher foe than the zombies you have faced thus far. Again, thin their numbers and prove yourself to the Forsaken. Do not tarry - when you are done, speak to me again.


Those who dally in this task might as well end up wandering about aimlessly like our fallen brothers and sisters in the village. Let's hope you will fare better than them, yes?


I am finished with you, <name> - you have shown yourself to be worthy of the freedom that you have been given. Many will stand against you for what you have become, but know that no matter what they may try to do against us, we are free and will not be shackled again.

Take these and be on your way. You have much to accomplish, <class>.


You may choose one of the following:
Inv boots 04
Inv pants 03
Inv chest leather 03


Quest Progression

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