This quest is part of the Raene's Cleansing quest chain quest chain.


Find the [Wooden Key] and a piece of Dartol's Rod before returning to Shael'dryn at the moonwell.


I wish your tidings were better.

Raene is correct, I know about Dartol's creation and the treants in the area--at least I did once. They've become corrupted now, their nature twisted.

If your goal is to find the next piece of the rod, then you'll have to find the key to open the chest it's in.

The wooden key is on one of the treants northeast of here, near Felwood. Once you have it, look for a small glade west of the road near the Felwood border... the chest should be hidden around there.


It upsets me so that the treants have become corrupt. I wish I could do more to help them.


I'm pleased to see you're back, <name>



The treants can be found along the road north of Raynewood Retreat leading into Felwood. The treants that drop the key are called Crazed Ancients and Withered Ancients.

Quest progression

This is the Raene's Cleansing quest chain.

  1. Alliance 15 [19] Raene's Cleansing
  2. Alliance 15 [21] Raene's Cleansing
  3. Alliance 15 [21] Raene's Cleansing
  4. Alliance 15 [27] Raene's Cleansing
  5. Alliance 15 [28] Raene's Cleansing
  6. Alliance 15 [28] Raene's Cleansing
  7. Alliance 15 [28] Raene's Cleansing
  8. Alliance 15 [28] Raene's Cleansing
  9. Alliance 15 [28] Raene's Cleansing
  10. Alliance 15 [30] Raene's Cleansing
  11. Alliance 15 [30] Raene's Cleansing
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