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Bring the Pristine Yeti Hide to Pratt McGrubben at the Feathermoon Stronghold, Feralas.

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You have found a pristine yeti hide that is exceptionally thick and sturdy - more so than even the ones you've seen from the yeti in Rage Scar.

Considering that Pratt McGrubben at the Feathermoon Stronghold is in the market for yeti hides, this particular one may be of considerable interest to him.

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You will receive the following:

Progress Edit

What's this, <name> - you've got something special for me?

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Incredible! You may have found the granddaddy of all yeti hides with this!
You better believe I'll pay you for it. I normally don't pay that much for a single hide, but I'm pretty sure I can make something special from it. Thanks for thinking of me on this, <name>!

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This quest is repeatable, and is one of the ways to get to Exalted with Darnassus.

To that end,

  • The round-trip-time of the boat from the eastern dock on the shores of The Forgotten Coast is 5:15.
This is biased towards a rather quick return (approx. 1 minute, island to coast). Assuming halfway between optimal and maximum trip time, the average trip time is 7:53.
  • One minute is spent at each dock, allowing one to quickly leave the boat on the island, turn in the quest and return to the boat before it leaves.
In comparison, at an unbuffed swim speed (50% speed decrease), the time from shore to shore is 2:40. If the player possesses any swim speed boosts, it may be faster (coast to island) to simply swim. The trip time itself is biased towards a quick return trip, however, if the boat is present.
  • On a normal mount (60% speed increase), the time from the shore to the cave is approx. 1:45.

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