Sergeant Lukas at North Point Tower wants you to free 5 Theramore Prisoners.

  • Theramore Prisoners Freed (5)


We're doing all we can to keep the Grimtotem raiders at bay, but they keep launching assaults on the tower. Even worse, they've managed to discover and capture the patrols the captain sends out to gather information and safeguard the road.

I suspect the captives are being held in Blackhoof Village, to the northwest. Knowing the Grimtotems, the defends of the village probably carry the keys to the prisoners' cages with them. I don't care what you have to do, <class>, just bring back my men alive.


Did you manage to free the captives at Blackhoof Village?


The freed captives have already begun returning from Blackhoof Village. The information the captain is receiving from the prisoners will give us an advantage in our next battle against the Grimtotems.

You have my thanks and that of the men.


You will receive: 40Silver

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