Quest:Power in Uldaman Edit

Prerequisites Edit

This is part of a chain of mage quests that begins at mage trainers in capital cities. The end reward is your choice of Celestial Orb or Celestial Stave, rare quality items with good intellect and spell damage bonuses.

Objectives Edit

"Retrieve an Obsidian Power Source and bring it to Tabetha in Dustwallow Marsh."

Quest Text Edit

"Now that the demon has been removed, we must gain a power source. Unfortunately, the best power sources are usually the oldest and the hardest to get. It's neat how fate likes to take a bite out of you sometimes, isn't it?

So you're going to need to go to Uldaman and defeat the obsidian sentinel there. He's big, he's tough, and his power source packs a punch!

I wish you the best of luck, <name>. And if you don't get lucky then, well... it was nice knowing you."

Details Edit

Although this is a quest to kill a level 42 elite boss in Uldaman, it is in fact quite possible for a mage to solo around level 40. As a class quest, it may have been the designer's intention to teach mages some creative strategies. See the Obsidian Sentinel page for more information and strategies.

When you kill it, loot the quest item and return to Tabetha for the final stage in the quest chain.

Reward Edit

3900 XP

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