Poor Old Blanchy is an Alliance quest in Westfall that involves gathering [Handfuls of Oats] from Sacks of Oats around Westfall for Verna Furlbrow's horse.

Objectives Edit

Collect 8 Handful of Oats from Sacks of Oats which are scattered around Westfall.

Details Edit

  • The Handfuls of Oats, as stated before, are obtained from "Sacks of Oats" which are located all over Westfall. Certain mobs, such as Gnolls and Harvesters in the zone may drop them too.

Description Edit

Poor Old Blanchy! Such a tired beast after all the work we put her through. I fed her before we left the farm, but we weren't expecting the wagon to break on us. If you could bring her a few handfuls of oats from the fields, I'd be grateful.

I bet you could find some around all of the farms in Westfall, if you can steer clear of those horrific machines that have taken over. There are several farms southwest of here.


Thank you so much, <name>! Poor Old Blanchy will be so happy!


You will receive:
Inv misc cape 10
Inv misc bag 10
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