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This quest was available during the Brewfest event in 2007, but has been temporarily disabled in 2008. It has returned with Brewfest in 2009 for US realms only; EU players currently have no access to it.

Pink Elekk UC

Pink Elekk in Undercity


Visit the beer gardens outside of Silvermoon, Thunder Bluff, and the Undercity, zap three elekks at each location, and return to Glodrak Huntsniper. You must be drunk to see the pink elekks.


Look. We're running a business here. People being drunk? It's good business. But I'll tell ya one thing that puts a cramp in the profits - hallucinations. Wouldn't ya know it, the boys are reporting that the sot- er, the loyal customers are seeing pink elekks everywhere.

I don't need my customers unsettled. Look, take this ray and travel to the other beer gardens to take care of 'em for me, would ya? And be sure to get drunk!


Ya clear up that little problem we talked about?


Ya did good, kid. Here, take this as payment for the job ya did.


[Brewfest Prize Ticket] x 40


You have to drink alcoholic beverages until you get the message "You are drunk", and then drink once more. The pesky pink elekks can then be seen are all over the area around the brewfest, and some area beyond as well. (You can see the pink elekks once you become drunk, but without the extra drink you may become sober again before you have time to zap three of them.)

Even though the quest giver appears in a "classic" zone, it requires players to visit Burning Crusade zones. Therefore, players whose accounts are not upgraded with the first expansion set are unable to even pick up this quest.

Also see the Wikipedia entry on seeing pink elephants.

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