Commander Falstaav at The Argent Stand has asked you to equip 10 Argent Crusaders or Argent Shieldmen out in the courtyard with parachutes.

  • Argent forces equipped with a parachute (10)

Provided Item:


Those sky terrors are destroying my men and women! Dying from falling is a horrible way to go.

<class>, you have to get these parachutes out to them! At least then they'll have a fighting chance to survive.


You will be allowed to choose one of these rewards
Inv belt 09
Inv jewelry necklace 11
Inv chest chain 14
Inv boots plate 04
Inv weapon shortblade 68


If you're back here talking to me why do I still see my people falling to their deaths?


You're a good <man/woman>, <name>. We're fortunate that you happened to stop by.

Stick around a while. I'm sure that we have much that a capable <class> such as yourself can do.


Crusaders and Shieldmen will be buffed if they have a parachute and are thus invalid targets.

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