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Seek out Sky-Reaver Korm Blackscar aboard Orgrim's Hammer flying above Icecrown.

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The Argent Crusade pulled my ravaged body from the Broken Front. What a glorious battle, <race>. My axe sang as it cut down Alliance filth and Scourge alike.

My time is over. It will be a good death. Carry a message for me, soldier.

Our base flies out of reach of Scourge - overhead between Mord'rethar and Aldur'thar. It is called "Orgrim's Hammer."

<Hork futilely attempts to salute.>

Fly high and avoid the Alliance juggernaut, Skybreaker. Tell Korm... tell him I died... fighting... For the Horde.

Completion Edit

<Korm salutes.>

Damn the Scourge and damn the Alliance! Hork was one of our best. We will have our revenge. For Hellscream and for the Horde!

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