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Search the village, Old Pi'jiu, on the Timeless Isle, for the owner[41, 73.8]
of the old sign fragment[52.2, 46.2]

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Searching amidst the rubble, you find the fragment of an old sign. Wiping away the dust, you can make out the well-weathered pandaren characters for "Noodles" and "Lin."

Looking above, you suspect that the establishment this sign belonged to was situated on the bridge, which now lies in rubble about you. An eatery placed on a bridge sounds very temporary, so its owner would likely live nearby.

Perhaps there is a clue to be found in the village here on the island?

Completion Edit

Well, hello there. I am Lin Chao-Wei.

Have you come here to try my family's famous noodle soup?

Rewards Edit

You will receive:

  • 236000 XP
  • 19Gold 84Silver 50Copper

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Progression Edit

  1. Neutral 15APB Skill Cooking [90] Noodle Secrets Long Forgotten
  2. Neutral 15APB Skill Cooking [90] The Lost Secret of the Secret Ingredient
  3. Neutral 15APB Skill Cooking [90] Bad Feeling, Worse Result
  4. Neutral 15APB Skill Cooking [90] Secrets Lost, Forever?
  5. Neutral 15APB Skill Cooking [90] Catch and Carry
  6. Neutral 15APB Skill Cooking [90] Is That A Real Measurement?
  7. Neutral 15APB Skill Cooking [90] These Aren't Your Fatty Goatsteaks
  8. Neutral 15APB Skill Cooking [90] The Secret Ingredient Is...

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