This is a seasonal quest available only during the New Year period. This is the alliance version of the quest, the horde equivalent is Horde 15 [60] New Year Celebrations! (Horde).


Bring the Smokywood Supplies to Innkeeper Allison in Stormwind.


Stormwind is holding a celebration for the new year! All day long today you can get free booze, and at night they'll put on a firework show! It should be pretty nice... but Booty Bay is also having a party today; I bet it'll be even better!

Well anyway, Innkeeper Allison in Stormwind needs a supply of Smoky Wood Pasture fare to help feed all the party goers. Can you do me a favor and deliver it!

Thanks, <name>! Innkeeper Allison is in the Gilded Rose, in the Trade District of Stormwind.


Greetings! Are you here for the party! Or perhaps you just need to rest those weary feet of yours...


Oh, my Smokywood supplies! Splendid! I'll need these to feed all the people in town for the celebration!

Thank you, <name>. Please take this as payment, and don't forget to drink and dance with the revelers outside!


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