Bring 8 [Murloc Fin] to Dockmaster Baren in Lakeshire.

Murlocs are becoming a problem. Larger groups of the fishmen are dropping anchor along the shores of Lake Everstill and fishing up a storm! We need them gone before they eat all the fish in the lake!

Hunt murlocs! Bring me eight of their fins and I might have something for you...



  • When you initially get the quest, the reward is listed as "Unknown Reward." Once you complete the quest, you will get the fishing pole.


  • Murloc Poachers can best be done together with the Selling Fish quest, also attained from Dockmaster Baren.
  • [Murloc Fin] can also be found on other murlocs or traded from other players. This doesn't help much for level 20s on their first character, but those going for Loremaster or who have obtained extras from questing on other characters can trade it to a character who has not yet done it and complete the quest for free. In addition, the Selling Fish quest is usually skipped due to the frustration this quest can provide (swimming, them running away in fear, pulling four at a time, and low drop rate compared to the fins).
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