Medicinal Purpose is a Draenei-only quest in the draenei starting zone Azuremyst Isle. Players are sent to gather [Root Trapper Vines] from the lashers around Azure Watch, which will be used to revive an injured night elf priest currently at the draenei camp.

Objectives Edit

Anchorite Fateema at Azure Watch wants you to bring her 8 [Root Trapper Vines].

You will need:

Quest text Edit

I have found that lashers milling about on the island hold restorative medicinal properties in their vines. Through proper treatment, the vines can be broken down into a powerful healing ointment. Unfortunately, with so many injured draenei passing through Azure Watch, we are always in short supply.

Our delicate guest was found injured and unconscious by the Crystalbrook only yesterday. If you bring me vines, we may be able to save her.

You will find root trappers both south and east of Azure Watch.

Progress Edit

I fear that her health is in steady decline.

Completion Edit

Let us hope that this ointment will strengthen her spirit!

Cut Scene Edit

On completion:
Anchorite Fateema says: Now to apply the ointment to her wounds.
Anchorite Fateema says: It appears that the ointment is ineffective. Such a pity...
Daedal says: There may still be a solution. Come here, <name>. I will explain what I need.

Rewards Edit

Notes Edit

As stated in the quest text, the Root Trappers can be found both to the south and the east of Azure Watch. The drop rate for the [Root Trapper Vines] is very bad, so expect to be at this a while. You may want to get the quest Alliance 15 [6] The Great Moongraze Hunt now as well, since the Moongraze Stags are in the same area as the trappers.

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