Vindicator Kuros at Blood Watch wants you to capture Matis the Cruel.


Matis will be brought to justice, <name>; and I want you to be the one to find him and bring him back to the Triumvirate. Scour the island for this bastard. Should you find him, use this flare gun. When my trackers see the flare, they'll come and assist in capturing Matis. Return to me after he's been captured.


The Triumvirate has decided to try Matis immediately. You have brought an arch-criminal to justice on this day, young <race>. You have performed admirably for two of three; only Aesom remains.

Cut scene upon completion

Image of Velen says: Bring forth the blood elf.
Matis is brought forth from the holding cell.
Image of Velen says: Matis, blood elf lieutenant of the Sunhawks, you have been found guilty of genocide against the draenei people.
Image of Velen says: You are to be executed at light's dawning. Have you anything to say for yourself?
Matis spits at the image of Velen.
Image of Velen says: May the Light have mercy on your soul. Take him back to his cell.
Matis says: The Light?
Matis laughs.
Matis says: I am Blood Knight, mongrel. I do not serve the Light, the Light serves me. If mercy is to be granted, it will be by me.
Matis says: You seek to martyr me before my order - so be it. Strike me down, another will rise in my place and the suffering of the Light - of the conquered - will continue uninterrupted.
Vindicator Kuros says: You blaspheme! The Light would never allow such an aberration!
Matis says: The Light has no choice. It does as it is commanded. Just as the naaru you hold at the core of your vessel will do when we capture and enslave it... Do my words surprise you, blue blood? Yes we know... We know everything.
Image of Velen says: Take him away.
Blade of Argus says: Move!
Matis says: Draenei dog! Did you know that the one you call Saruan wept like a babe as I beat him? A feeling of euphoria coursed through me, knowing that I had a member of high rank in my grasp. Were it not for Sironas' plans for him, I would have tortured him to death... As I do to all draenei that I capture. Alas, I am certain that you will see him again soon...
Matis grins wickedly.
Vindicator Kuros says: Breathe your last breath, heathen.

Vindicator Kuros runs over to Matis and slays him.
Vindicator Kuros spits on the corpse of Matis.
Image of Velen says: Find their source of power and tear it down. Tear all of it down.


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