Baron Sablemane has tasked you and your friends with the deaths of 10 Bladespire Enforcers, 5 Bladespire Battlemages, 5 Bladespire Ravagers and their leader, Fingrom. When you have managed this feat, return to him at the Circle of Blood in the Blade's Edge Mountains.

You will need:


You've proven yourself resourceful, and now I think I'm going to put you to personal use in my own fight against Gruul and his sons.

The Bladespire clan are the favored of the gronn, and while you may have thinned out their numbers elsewhere, you haven't yet dealt with their strongest.

Gruul protects the exterior of his lair with only the toughest of ogres, and it is those that you must kill. Head north through the Daggermaw Canyon and you will find Gruul's Lair at the end.


You will receive:

  • 14600 XP (Translated to 8Gold 76Silver at 70)
  • 7Gold 40Silver (for a total of 16Gold 16Silver at 70)


Have you managed yet to decimate the Bladespire ogres at Gruul's Lair?

Do not come to me with excuses, <boy/girl>! Get the job done!


Very well, I chose wisely when I selected you to spearhead my fight. Time to ramp things up to a whole new level, I think.

You remember that little goodie that you stole for me out from underneath Grulloc's nose? You're going to get a chance to put it to good use.

Quest progression

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