You must complete Horde 15 [2] The Damned before you can access this quest.


Bring Samuel Fipps' Remains to Marla's Grave, then return to Novice Elreth.

Required items:


My friend Marla Fipps lived with her husband Samuel before the plague, but when the plague came Samuel succumbed and joined the Scourge's ranks.

Marla was spared an undeath only to die at the hands of her now mindless husband. So strong was her love, however, that her last dying wish was to be buried with her beloved Samuel.

Samuel Fipps roams at a ruined camp along the road northeast of Deathknell. Defeat him and grant Marla's wish: bury him at her grave, in the first row of our graveyard.


We must respect our dead, <name>. It is one of the ways in which we differ from the Scourge


You have done a good deed today, <name>. Although our struggle against the Scourge continues, let us hope that Marla and Samuel will find peace together in their final resting place.

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