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Kill 12 Mana Surges in the allowed time limit.

We are almost finished, but this last step is the most perilous, <name>.

I have the empty summoner's orb and am ready to empower it. We will do this by harnessing the energy of a mana rift. I'll cast a spell that will temporarily open a rift, from which creatures, mana surges, will pour out. You must defeat the mana surges and their power will be released, which I will then collect.

Kill enough mana surges before the rift closes and I will place all their collected energy in your orb.

Reward Edit

You may choose one of the following:

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Notes Edit

  • When Tabetha goes out to create the rift, do not follow her. Stay by the entrance to the house. If you follow her, the first 2 Mana Surges will instantly aggro you. Stay back and you should be able to single pull them. They are casters so you should try to keep Dampen Magic up as much as possible. You will have 10 minutes to kill the Surges.

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