Objectives Edit

Magister Falris in Shattrath wants you to take the Vial of Sedative Serum to the Terrace of Light and pour it into Haronem's Regiment Cooking Pot.

Description Edit

The Aldor have gained the favor of the Sha'tar today. As if that should come as any sort of surprise!

Watch them showing off their fancy footwork a few feet away from A'dal. Could they possibly put any more effort into sucking up to the naaru?

Harbinger Haronem's marksman regiment is so dedicated, it even brings its own cooking pot to avoid taking long breaks for lunch. This cannot go without retribution, <name>.

I want you to pour this vial into their meal. The results should be... comical.

Progression Edit

The smell of herbs and spices fills the air around the pot.

Completion Edit

The Aldor marksmen appear distracted with their drill, allowing you ample time to place the contents of the vial into the stew.

Gains Edit

Upon completion of this quest you will gain:

  • 5500 XP (or 3Gold 30Silver at level 70)

Note Edit

This quest has been removed as of Patch 2.4.

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