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== Quest Progression==
== Quest Progression==
*{{Questlong|Neutral|70|Bow to the Highlord}}
{{:Quest:Bow to the Highlord/Questline}}
**{{Questlong|Neutral|70|Lord Illidan Stormrage}}
[[Category:Quests:Neutral|Lord Illidan Stormrage]]
[[Category:Quests:Neutral|Lord Illidan Stormrage]]

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Lord Illidan Stormrage is the second of the three Template:Exalted storyline quests, available starting at Template:Exalted reputation with Netherwing.


Meet Illidan Stormrage. Seek out Barthamus in the Lower City of Shattrath should you survive.

You will need:

  • Meeting with Illidan Stormrage


Come, highlord <name>. Illidan himself awaits us!


I was the first, you know. The abandoned child of a monster...

<Barthamus shakes his head.>

We owe you everything, <name>. You have single-handedly shattered the Dragonmaw empire and gathered enough information to keep my brethren occupied for ten lifetimes.

It is not much but there is something that we can offer... My kin have each offered to join you on your mission in Outland. Simply ask and they will bond with you.

Quest Progression

Quest:Bow to the Highlord/Questline

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