Objectives Edit

Retrieve a Inv misc bomb 09 [Wintergarde Mine Bomb] and use it to blow up the Upper Wintergarde Mine Shaft and the Lower Wintergarde Mine Shaft. Report back to Siege Engineer Quarterflash at Wintergarde Keep in Dragonblight when you have completed this task.

  • Upper Wintergarde Mine Shaft destroyed
  • Lower Wintergarde Mine Shaft destroyed

Description Edit

If there is good in your heart and your conscience is clear, read on.

In this mine, near the foreman's scaffold rests a heavy cargo of dynamite. Go there and pick up several bundles of the explosive and make your way towards the entrance of the mine. Once there, set the dynamite and blow up the entrance. Remember to do this for both the upper and lower entry points of Wintergarde Mine.

You must leave nothing to chance. The evil that exists here must never be allowed out. Light guide you.

Rewards Edit

You will be able to choose one of these rewards
Inv misc flower 04
[Suntouched Flowers]
Inv misc cape 02
[Honorborn Cloak]
Inv boots plate 09
[Petrified Bone Footguards]
Inv jewelry ring 05
[Oath Signet]

Completion Edit

His death will not have been in vain, friend. The information that Slinkin died for will be instrumental in defeating the Lich King. I promise you that we will make this right.

Quest progressionEdit

  1. Alliance 15 [72] The Demo-gnome
  2. Alliance 15 [72] The Search for Slinkin
  3. Alliance 15 [72] Leave Nothing to Chance
  4. Alliance 15 [72] Understanding the Scourge War Machine

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