Kirtonos the Herald concludes the The Ghosts of Caer Darrow quest chain, leading to the [Spectral Essence], an item that allows contact with the spirits in Caer Darrow and opening quests to defeat Ras Frostwhisper quest chain.

Objective Edit

Return to the Scholomance with the Blood of Innocents. Find the porch and place the Blood of Innocents in the brazier. Kirtonos will come to feast upon your soul.

Fight valiantly, do not give an inch! Destroy Kirtonos and return to Eva Sarkhoff.

Quest text Edit

This is it, <name>.

<Eva points to the vial inside the bag.>

The blood of innocents. The purest blood, used to appease Krastinov's master.

It is with this blood that Kirtonos may be summoned. It is with this blood, then, that Kirtonos must be destroyed.

Take the blood to the porch. Place it upon the brazier. Kirtonos will come - he cannot resist. When he appears, unleash the fury and wrath of a thousand innocent deaths upon him.

Should you succeed, you will earn more than just our gratitude.

Progress Edit

Be wary, Kirtonos is a seasoned fighter.

Completion Edit

With the death of Kirtonos, a chapter in the horrible tale of Scholomance comes to a close. There is, however, more to be done. Others here are now aware of your brave acts. Take this, <name>. It is a piece of our own essence. It will allow you to communicate with the other lost souls of Caer Darrow.

Reward Edit

You gain
Inv misc orb 05

An item allowing you to interact with the spirits of Caer Darrow.

You also choose one of
Inv sword 34
Inv misc flower 04
  • Penelope's Rose
  • Item Level 61
    Disenchants into:
    [Large Brilliant Shard]: 1 (99.5%)
    [Nexus Crystal]: 1 (0.5%)
  • Binds when picked up
  • Held In Off-hand
    "Held In Off-hand" is not in the list of possible values (Back, Chest, Feet, Finger, Hands, Head, Held in off-hand, Legs, Main Hand, Neck, Off Hand, One-Hand, Projectile, Ranged, Relic, Shirt, Shoulder, Tabard, Thrown, Trinket, Two-Hand, Waist, Wrist, Two-Handed) for this property.
  • +11 Spirit
    +11 Intellect
    +10 Stamina
  • Sell Price: 1Gold 46Silver 62Copper

Notes Edit

Completion of this quest gives you [Spectral Essence], an item that lets you see and communicate with the ghosts of Caer Darrow and enabling you to receive the quest Neutral 15 [60D] The Human, Ras Frostwhisper.

If you lose the Spectral Essence quest reward, speak with Eva Sarkhoff to replace it. (Especially useful if you are short on bag space for all those access items...)

Quest progression Edit

  1. Neutral 15 [60D] Doctor Theolen Krastinov, the Butcher
  2. Neutral 15 [60D] Krastinov's Bag of Horrors
  3. Neutral 15 [60D] Kirtonos the Herald

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