Frazzle Geargrinder (coords 57.0, 62.6) in Ymirheim wants you to use her Geargrinder's Jumpbot to plant the Alliance Battle Standard in the skulls at the top of the mountain.


You've just got to get my jumpbot to the tippy top of the mountain to the northwest here at Ymirheim pronto, <name>!

That dastardly, no-good Blast Thunderbomb is working on his own bot, and I'm afraid he almost has it completed. We're in a race to see who's gonna be king of the mountain!

Once you jump up there, plant our battle standard in the pile of bones and show everyone that the Alliance, and my engineering skills, are the best!


Hold on a second... you haven't planted our battle standard yet!

What's the hold up?


King of the Mountain (Alliance)

King of the Mountain


<Frazzle jumps and gives you a big hug.>

Oh, you're just my favorite hero ever!

You think you could come back again tomorrow?


Hit 3 then choose a target to land at. Not on the GCD or any cooldown. Use it to get to the top of the mountain, then hit 1 to plant the banner. You do not need to have reached a spot where you can 'land', you just have to wait for the ability to recycle. If the jumps are long enough, you can generally start the next jump about the same time as you land from the previous one.

If there happens to be any members of the Horde out and about, hit 2 and lay down rockets at the targeted spot to knock them back and do some damage!

The jumpbot is immune to fall damage.

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