Seek out Karynaku at Dragonmaw Fortress.


It shames me to ask for your assistance once more, <name>, but you are my flight's only hope. Without my mate, the netherwing brood may die out completely.

Make your way to the top of Dragonmaw Fortress and find Karynaku.

We will be flying overhead. Should a break appear in their defenses, the might of the netherwing will swoop down to assist you.


It is the chains. They sap my power. The only way is to get the key from Zuluhed and unbind me.

Quest Progression

Quest Chain:Netherwing Faction (To Neutral)


  • Though this quest is marked as a 5-man group quest, it is quite soloable. Just fly to the platform where Karynaku lies and finish the quest.
  • Upon starting the next quest however, the level 72 elite boss will spawn, thus this is marked as being a 5-man quest.

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