My rogues need to hone their lockpicking skills, and I need locks of adequate difficulty -- the stuff Zan makes us is unfit for all but the lowliest neophytes.

Tell ya what, if you bring me 5 Heavy Junkboxes, I'll provide you with some of the finest throwing knives known to roguekind.

You can unlock the boxes and rifle through them, but you'll have to leave at least a few coins in them... even a rogue in training needs motivation.


May these knives find a place in someone's heart.



You will receive:
Inv throwingknife 03



  • Heavy Junkboxes are received from level 52+ mobs using Pick Pocket.
  • This quest is available to all classes, not just Rogues (although you will need a rogue to get you the Heavy Junkboxes)
  • See Ravenholdt or Farming Heavy Junkboxes for more information
  • You can only have one Dusksteel Throwing Knife at a time. As such if you want to rapidly turn in numerous junkboxes, you will have to throw this item (worth over 1 gold) away each time, as there is nowhere nearby to vend it.


Turning in the Quest

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