Speak with Cyclonas

[47, 88]

on the Bluff of the South Wind in Uldum.


<class>, I refuse to believe my Go'el is lost forever. His spirit has been scattered across the elemental planes. If even a part of him still exists, we can find him, but I will need your help.

We will start with the plane of air.

Speak to me and we will travel to the Vortex Pinnacle together. We must speak with an elemental, Cyclonas. He's capricious, but he sees everything in the realm of air. If my love is there, Cyclonas will know what's become of him.


<You feel the wind racing over your arms, your face, your weapons and armor...>

<Cyclonas is looking you over.>


You will receive:


  • Talk to Aggra to be ported directly to Uldum.

Quest progression

  1. N [85] The Nordrassil Summit
  2. N [85] Into Slashing Winds
  3. N [85] Elemental Bonds: Doubt
  4. N [85] Into Coaxing Tides
  5. N [85] Elemental Bonds: Desire
  6. N [85] Into Constant Earth
  7. N [85] Elemental Bonds: Patience
  8. N [85] Into Unrelenting Flame
  9. N [85] Elemental Bonds: Fury
  10. N [85] Elemental Bonds: The Vow

Patches and hotfixes

World of Warcraft: Cataclysm Patch 4.2.0 (2011-06-28): Added.

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