"The more we can do to clear up Nestlewood, the faster Zhanaa can get back to work." — Vindicator Aldar [TCG src]

Inoculation is an Alliance-only quest in the draenei starting region Ammen Vale in which players use an [Inoculating Crystal] to protect the native owlkin from being affected by the radiation put off by the crashed bits of the Exodar.

Objectives Edit

Use the [Inoculating Crystal] on 6 Nestlewood Owlkin. Then return to Vindicator Aldar at the Crash Site in Ammen Vale.

Description Edit

Zhanaa needs our help to salvage parts from the Exodar. Taerix prepared an inoculum that can be given to the Nestlewood owlkin that live in the area of a lot of the salvage.

Just get close to the unaffected ones and use the crystal on them. Unfortunately, you'll have to kill the others. You'll find the owlkin at Nestlewood Thicket and Nestlewood Hills to the southeast.

Progress Edit

The more we can do to clear up Nestlewood, the faster Zhanaa can get back to work.

Completion Edit

With many of the owlkin now inoculated we can focus on getting out here and not have to worry about wiping out the owlkin population in the area.

Here, choose from these. You've done good work, and you deserve to be rewarded!

Rewards Edit

You will be able to choose one of these rewards:

You will also Receive: 1Silver 50Copper

Gains Edit

Details Edit

The owlkin are found to the southeast of the island in both the Nestlewood Thicket and the Nestlewood Hills, where two different types spawn. The tan-colored owlkin are the ones you need to inoculate - they will be non-hostile to players (yellow circle instead of red when targeted). To inoculate them, just target them and right-click the [Inoculating Crystal] in your inventory.


The quest Alliance 15 [4] Vindicator Aldar is not required to receive this quest. However, once you have this quest you can no longer receive Alliance 15 [4] Vindicator Aldar, so to get a little extra experience it is recommended to complete the Alliance 15 [3] Healing the Lake quest chain and Alliance 15 [4] Vindicator Aldar before this quest.

Quest progression Edit

  1. Alliance 15 [4] Vindicator Aldar
  2. Alliance 15 [4] Inoculation
  3. Alliance 15 [5] The Missing Scout
  4. Alliance 15 [4] The Blood Elves
  5. Alliance 15 [5] Blood Elf Spy
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