This is one of the Ironforge daily cooking quests, which can be used to improve cooking skill as well as contribute towards several Achievements.

Objectives Edit

Pick up the Cask of Drugan's IPA outside the brewery in Kharanos and run it back to Ironforge.

Description Edit

My stocks o' IPA, that's Ironforge Pale Ale for ye novices, are gettin' low. Luckily, the brewery isn't too far away an' they should have a new cask o' Drugan's IPA waitin' fer us. That Drugan's a genius of a brewer, I tell ye.

I won't be able to get down to Kharanos meself today, but perhaps ye can dash down there, pick up the new cask an' run it back 'ere? What d'ye say?

Progress Edit

There ye are! I was startin' to think ye'd made off with the beer! (spoken, not in the quest window)

Completion Edit

Ah, well done! I tell ye, that Drugan's a true polymath -- explorer, historian, brewer -- is there anythin' that man hasn't mastered?

Notes Edit

After picking up the barrel in Kharanos, you will automatically start running at an accelerated pace, because you have three minutes to get back to Daryl Riknussun before your cask vanishes from your back.

When you enter the Ironforge gates, go right, then across the bridge immediately before you, angle right to take the passage into the Great Forge area, then head straight past the gryphons to get back to the right building in time.

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You will receive:

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