Travel to Kalimdor, to the coastal city of Theramore. From there you must search for an island, south of the main town. Nat Pagle awaits your arrival!


I'm a dwarf fer cryin' out loud, <lad/missy>! I ain't been designed to fish! I mean look at me! I'm practically made outta stone. I got nothin' left - ye tapped me out. I've taught ye all I know, flipflop! Don't ye get it? Ah, fine. I got an ol' friend over on Kalimdor who can help ye out. 'Is name be Nat Pagle, a fine lad. Find him on the islands south o' Theramore. Git goin'!


I've always got room on my island for visitors... I reckon...


Upon completion of this quest you will gain:

  • 1400 XP (or 5s 70c at level 70)

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