Lure in a Baited Black Drake, attack it until it is weak, and then ride it back to Bloodgulch.

  • Baited Black Drake Captured

Provided item:


<You sling the gore-spattered gryphon corpse over your shoulder, its wings dragging to the ground.>

<Highland Black Drakes roost[49.8, 64.2]
just southwest of the Crucible of Carnage, along a ring of low mountain peaks.>

<If you drop the gryphon corpse there, a drake is sure to start feeding. With its guard down, you should be able to attack it until it is weak enough to mount and fly.>


That was an impressive aerial display, <name>, but I wish it had come at a better time.

Narkrall is a great warrior, but he's also an impatient fool. He's about to get himself killed ... and we're about to lose one of our most important weapons in the battle for the Highlands!


You will receive:


  • Players need to go to the Black Drake Roost to use the carcass.
  • Once the carcass has been placed, a drake will appear. Fight the drake until the vehicle (arrow) hover appears, then climb aboard.
  • There won't be anything special players need to do; just relax as the drake makes its way to Bloodgulch. A cut scene unfolds between Narkrall and Zaela, and then Zaela is available as a quest giver. Narkrall will have disappeared.


After placing the carcass on the ground, the drake appears.

Attack and Weaken the Black Drake!

After climbing aboard...

Hold On!

Players return to Bloodgulch with their newly captured drake. Narkrall Rakeclaw and Zaela are waiting. Narkrall begins using an artifact on the drake.

Narkrall Rakeclaw says: That's right, beast. You belong to the Dragonmaw now.
Narkrall Rakeclaw says: And if you don't obey, we're cutting you up for parts.
Zaela says: Impressive. Complete domination of the animal while it's weakened.
Zaela says: Tell me, what is this charm you're using?
Narkrall Rakeclaw says: The Demon Chain. It projects our will like a physical force.
Zaela says: With your wing of drake riders and the support of the Horde, we can make an assault on the Bastion of Twilight.
Narkrall Rakeclaw says: The Horde? I SPIT on your Horde! Our enemies are weak and splintered, yet you bargain with Hellscream? Dragonmaw stand alone!
Zaela says: Another treasonous word and I will put you in your place, Narkrall.
Narkrall Rakeclaw says: I will prove it to you. I will strike the Wildhammer at Thundermar.
Narkrall Rakeclaw says: When I return victorious, we will see who the Dragonmaw call "Warchief".
Zaela says: Narkrall! If you wish to challenge me, you do so here. Do NOT squander our forces on a fool crusade.



Quest progression

  1. Horde 15 [84] Narkrall, the Drake-Tamer
  2. Complete the following:
  3. Complete all of the following:

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