Note the gold gossip icon overhead

Objectives Edit

Rescue Shademaster Kiryn, Rivett Clutchpop, Shokia, and Sergeant Gorrok at the Wreck of the Sky Shark.

Description Edit

These were good men, <name>. Some of the most well-trained warriors the Horde has seen.

They died in glorious battle... That's something.

You stay here and search the area for other survivors. I'm headed for higher ground. If there are more Alliance about, we can't allow them to catch us off guard.

Completion Edit

These are all the survivors, <class>.?

So be it. We have no choice but to play the hand fate has dealt us.

Rewards Edit

You will receive:

  • 69400 XP
  • 9Gold 40Silver

Notes Edit

  • All the NPCs appear on the minimap with Gossipgossipicon icons.
  • When approached, they will have a gold Gossipgossipicon icon over their head.
  • Shademaster Kiryn can be found southwest of the crash, bordering Sea Mist Ridge. After players talk with her, My Stars! is offered from her hanging pouch behind her.
    • I crawled off after the crash, and now I'm swarmed by these pests!
    • Gossipgossipicon Nazgrim survived! Make your way up the hill and join him there.
    • Thank you, <class>. Stay safe...
  • Rivett Clutchpop can be found north of the crash, on the edge of the cliffs. After players talk with him, What Goes Down, Must Come Up! is offered from the nearby Goblin Drone Dispenser.
    • M... my ship! She's... g-gone...
    • Gossipgossipicon You're alive and that's what's important. Head up the hill and report to General Nazgrim.
    • You're right, <name>. We're lucky to be alive!
  • Sergeant Gorrok can be found to the east of the crash, at Ethereal Lake. Near him is a Horde Water Barrel that offers Wet Work!
    • I shouldn't be alive, <race>.
    • I should have died with the rest of my brothers.
    • Gossipgossipicon We need to regroup, Sergeant! Nazgrim is waiting for us just up the hill.
    • Yes, <class>, no time for mourning. Let us avenge our fallen brethren and claim this land for the Horde!
  • Shokia can be found north of the crash, on the edge of the cliffs near the catapults.
    • What happened?
    • Wh-where are we?
    • Gossipgossipicon It looks like you'll be alright. Make your way up the hill to Nazgrim.
    • General Nazgrim... Up the hill... I think I can make it.

Progression Edit

  1. Horde 15 [85] The Art of War (old)
  2. Horde 15 [85] Into the Mists (old)
  3. Horde 15 [85] The General's Edge
  4. Complete all of the following:

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