Helcular's Revenge is a Horde quest in which players must find the rod of Helcular so that his apprentice may have his revenge on the citizens of Southshore. Yeti occupy Helcular's former hideout, so any yeti may have it.

Objectives Edit

Retrieve Helcular's Rod from the Yeti and bring it back to Novice Thaivand in Tarren Mill.

You will need:

Details Edit

Any yeti in Alterac Mountains or Hillsbrad Foothills has a chance to drop the rod. They can be found in the Growless Cave or Darrow Hill. You may have to kill a LOT of yeti before this drops. People have reported hundreds of kills before it drops. Fortunately, yeti are quite good for grinding.

Description Edit

Master Helcular was almost complete with his transformation into a Lich when a human lynch mob discovered his ritual lair in the hills and brutally killed him. To make matters worse they buried his corpse in the Southshore cemetery.

Such disregard for the great wizard is unacceptable. As his apprentice I shall see to it that the rains of vengeance fall upon the town of Southshore.

We will need Helcular's Rod first. Yeti overtook his ritual lair. Undoubtedly one of the beasts has it.

Progress Edit

Have you recovered Helcular's Rod yet? There are so many Yeti in this region, it will be very difficult to locate. But we must have it in order to proceed.

Completion Edit

You found it! Most excellent, <name>!

Quest ProgressionEdit

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